Why look at the stars to know your future, when you can talk to experts who can help you build it?

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How We Can Help

Get help from a counselor

Have a 1-on-1 session with a counselor to help you decide your career path, SHS strand and track, and even college program!

  • Consult with licensed counselors
  • In-depth and exhaustive session/s
  • Highly personalized recommendations
  • Make better informed decisions
  • Virtual and easily accessible!

Join virtual classrooms

Embark on your career journey and expand your network with students from all over the Philippines!

  • Connect with students like yourself
  • Learn as a community of students
  • Establish a network with your peers
  • Learn from licensed experts about your career
  • Share experiences and info on courses and more

Parents, you’re also invited!

Help your child reach their full potential by being involved in molding their career paths!

  • Interact with and learn from other parents
  • Help establish independence to your child
  • Get parenting tips from licensed counselors
  • Ensure your child’s maximum learning potential
  • Help guide your child in their chosen career paths

Book 1-on-1 Sessions with Experts

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Compare Counseling

Choose what’s best for you!

  • Accessiblity

    • Sessions can be accessed using different devices
    • No time constraints
    • Easy setup for appointments
  • Privacy

    • Safe and secure online sessions
    • Provides a safe space and an environment of trust and confidence between the learners and the counselors
  • Communication

    • Sessions can be done in English, Filipino or Taglish
  • For High School Students

    • Gives learners confidence and insight into their strengths and limitations in reference to their chosen field
    • Encourages learners change behavior patterns that may lead to unproductive activities that may affect their home and school life
  • Career Counseling by CDAP via EDUKASYON.PH

  • EDK site has more access to students in remote places

  • ₱800

    Buy Now
  • FREE Counseling

    (provided by schools)

  • Only to a limited number of top-tiered private and public schools

  • Only to a limited number of top-tiered private and public schools

  • FREE

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