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0 - 1,000+
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0 - 1,000+
01000010000 - 1000

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I start a Quest?

An Edukasyon account is needed to start a Quest. After registration, select the Quest that you want to start, then click the Start Quest button.

How many Quests can I do at a time?

You can only work on one (1) Normal Quest, one (1) Daily Quest, and one (1) Featured Quest. You will be prompted that you have an Active Quests whenever you browse on other Quests.

If I have an Active Quest, will my progress be lost if I start another Quest?

Yes, the current progress on your Active Quest of the same Quest type (Normal/Exciting, Daily, Featured) will be deleted. You will be prompted which Active Quest will be affected by this action.

When will I get the Coins and XPs from my completed tasks?

You will only get the Coins and XPs when you complete the Quest either by completing all the required Tasks or manually, by clicking on the Complete Quest button.

What will happen if I manually complete a Quest?

Our system will collect the Coins and XPs from the completed tasks and award it to you. Unfinished tasks will also be marked completed but Coins and XPs from these tasks will not be awarded to you.

How many times can I redeem a specific reward?

The rewards mechanics change from time-to-time, so as long as it appears on the rewards list, it can still be redeemed.

Is there an expiration date for my Coins and XP?

There will be no expiration date for the collected coins and XP.

Quest Mechanics

Completing a Quest:

  1. To start a Quest, select the Quest icon found on the navigation bar to go to the Quest Page (https://edukasyon.ph/quest). Note that Quests are not yet available if you’re using free data from Globe.
  2. Click the Start Quest button to enable and start working on the selected Quest
  3. If the user is not logged in or doesn’t have an account in Edukasyon, it will open the login/registration popup.
  4. The user will be returned to the selected Quest Page after successfully completing the registration step or after logging in.
  5. To complete the Quest, Click on the first task and it will automatically redirect the user to the activity. (Eg: Read a blog article, Finish a quiz, or Update their Edukasyon.ph profile) The succeeding tasks are disabled until the prerequisite task is completed.
  6. The user will be automatically redirected back to the selected Quest Page after finishing a task. A completed task will be highlighted green and with a check mark.
  7. There will be a Mark as Complete button to manually complete the Quest, if the user chooses to skip the other tasks. The users can go back to the selected Quest in another time to complete it.
  8. The selected Quest will be automatically marked as completed if all tasks are finished.
  9. After completing the Quest the users can now collect all the Coins and XPs gained from each completed task.

Claiming Rewards:

  1. Rewards Page can be found at https://edukasyon.ph/rewards. Note that you can only claim your rewards using the email you used to register for your Edukasyon account. To go to the rewards page, click the dropdown menu labeled More found on the navigation bar, then click Claim Rewards.
  2. A one-time user verification pop-up will appear when claiming rewards or after completing a Quest with auto-claim rewards. Make sure to follow these steps carefully:
    Step 1: Smile For the Camera
    Take a selfie. Make sure you’re not wearing any accessories like eyeglasses, and give your biggest smile . Note: Only one account per user is accepted!
    Step 2: Close Your Eyes and Click!
    For this selfie, put on a more serious look and close your eyes.
    Step 3: We need a Live Video - Almost There!
    A: Look at the front of the camera before clicking the record button. Make sure you are facing the center.
    B: From the CENTER, SLOWLY turn your head to face the RIGHT and from the RIGHT, SLOWLY turn your head back to face the CENTER.
    C: Let's do it again. This time let's do it in the other direction, from the CENTER, SLOWLY turn your face to the LEFT and from the LEFT, SLOWLY turn your face back to the CENTER and SMILE.
    Step 4: Share your Valid ID
    Upload a picture of the front side of your valid ID. Aside from School ID, government IDs (e.g., Driver's License, Passport, PRC, BIR TIN ID, PhilHealth, Postal ID) are accepted.
    You are not allowed to use the same ID for another account. Note that the name on your ID should be the same as the name listed on your Edukasyon account. If not, you can update your account details here: https://www.edukasyon.ph/user/personal-info
    Step 5: Back ID
    Upload a picture of the back side of your valid ID. Use the same ID you submitted in Step 4.
    Step 6: Just to be Sure! Selfie with ID - both face should be visible
    Take a photo beside the same ID (front). Make sure that both your ID and your face are visible.
    Step 7: Input ID number
  3. Users can redeem rewards by clicking the Redeem Reward button found on the drop down menu of your dashboard located at the navigation bar. Only the rewards that meet the required Coins and XP will have a “Redeem Reward” button.
  4. As long as the users continue to do and earn coins for Quest, they can continue to claim rewards based on their earned coins and XP. There will be no expiration date for the collected coins and XP
  5. All vouchers and electronic gift certificates will be distributed digitally. Edukasyon.ph will send the reward through your registered email address or mobile number (if you signed up using your Facebook account).
  6. For rewards redemption, Edukasyon.Ph limits the Quests for students with valid/most recent school ID/ Government ID (Driver's License, Passport, PRC, BIR TIN ID, PhilHealth, Postal ID).
  7. Rewards in this catalogue are valid for redemption until 60 days from the end of promo period.