The Confident Me Quest

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The Dove Self-Esteem Project at Home aims to empower young people like you, by giving you the tools to build and protect your self-esteem, confidence and well-being. You will complete this quest by doing tasks such as reading blogs, answering quizzes, watching educational videos, and using other tools centered around our goal of building a confident you.

Quest Tasks

Task 1

Appearance Ideals

Check out this film to learn about different appearance ideals and styles throughout the years.

Task 2

The Real Me (Part 1)

Appearance and lifestyle ideals from society tell us how to look or live our lives. Now, think of the best version of you. Is that someone you really want to be? Or do you only want to be them because you were told to?

Task 3

A Selfie

Images can be manipulated. Watch this video to learn more.

Task 4

Enchantment Breaker Quiz

Work through these questions and answers on how images can be manipulated. You can even review them with your parent or guardian.

Task 5

How Advertising Can Affect Our Confidence

Most ads want you to compare yourself to the models or actors in them. That’s unfair, given the amount of work that went into editing and making the images look perfect. Let’s break it down.

Task 6

The Real Me (Part 2)

Work through these questions and answers on professional and personal media. You can even review them with your parent or guardian.

Task 7

Change One Thing

Check out this film to learn about comparing ourselves to others.

Task 8

Confident Me: The Toolkit

Truly caring for yourself starts with believing that you are worthy of love and respect regardless of your appearance, grades, social status, or abilities.

Task 9

Champion for Change

Think about what will help you challenge the pressure you and your friends feel to look a certain way. Try to choose a simple action that is easy to achieve.

Task 10

Share your Pledge

Celebrate your individuality and the diversity of people you know by sharing your personal goal.



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